Webcast Canada
Recommended Settings, Troubleshooting and Advance Live Test

Optimal specifications: Wired high speed Internet with at least 5 MB of download speed (10MB recommended) with no firewall block; late model computer, tablet or phone; latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari web browser is recommended (IE11 can be used but requires the flash plugin).

1. No video or video keeps freezing:

  • Shrink the size of your browser so the video is smaller.
  • In office settings, watch one computer as a group to avoid bandwidth drain.
  • Stop all other activity on the viewing computer (browsing, email, downloading, etc.)
  • Stop wireless connectivity and use a wired connection.
  • Use a different network or data plan if one is available (the network you're using may have a deliberate block).
  • If using IE11, you need the Flash Plugin installed and turned on in the browser settings.
  • Also if using IE11, your network must have port 1935 open (consult your IT department).
  • A blurry picture means you have very low bandwidth but the audio should continue.

2. No audio:

  • Ensure your device has media audio turned on (some smartphones have a default setting of off).
  • Switch to a different web browser or computer/device.
  • Log off and back on again or refresh your browser.
  • If using Chrome, ensure the audio icon is turned on.
  • Ensure speakers are connected and volume is up.

TEST VIDEO BELOW: If you can see and hear this test video, you should be set. Most webcasts are recorded, so if you can't receive the live stream, you'll be able to watch the recording afterwards. For additional support, email us at: [email protected] or use the technical support chat box on the live webcast page. (Please note that rude or inappropriate messages will not receive a reply and/or will be deleted).